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Eggceed Ltd is a career coaching agency based in London.  We help individuals in their 20s and 30s find the right career fast and effectively. We offer a range of one-to-one career coaching solutions to help you progress in your current career or decide on a new one. More details bullet


Lora Furlong, Career Coach and founder of Eggceed Ltd, has recent, relevant experience of coaching in financial services industry, where she spent over five years prior to founding Eggceed. Her experience ranges from on-the-job coaching with direct reports, colleagues and mentees to the variety of individuals she has worked with since founding Eggceed Ltd.


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This career compatibility test is centered on the RISE in your Career principles and is designed to measure and assess how compatible your current or dream career is with your skills, values and long-term career goals. More details bullet

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This two-month online coaching programme contains several audios and workbooks. RISE in your career through self-discovery, clear career direction and the creation of your own career success strategy. All this from the comfort of your own home! More details bullet


Online Coaching Programme 7 Steps to Create Career Competitive Advantage: Online Coaching Programme Life Coach Office: Online Coaching Programme




A group for aspiring and successful Irish professionals and entrepreneurs living in London. Whether you have lived in London for years or just moved over, this group’s mission is to help you build upon and expand your personal and professional Irish network here in London.


For details on our next event please visit our Meet-Up page or LinkedIn group.



Career Coaching Client

Moved my business concept forward considerably!

“Lora has provided me with invaluable coaching sessions to help focus me on the business I want to start. Having time dedicated to strategic planning is crucial whilst juggling all the demands of daily life and during my sessions with Lora I have moved my business concept forward considerably, including the identification of my market niche which has been essential. I found Lora to be friendly, focused, committed and a pleasure to work with and I’d warmly recommend her services!”

Paula, Reading

The job I wanted within a month!

“I came across Eggceed in January 2014 when I was in the middle of a career transition. When I first communicated with Lora she was very attentive to my needs and informed me on how she could tailor her program to what I needed. When I was on the program it was very helpful as it reviewed where I was now and the strategies that I should use to get me to where I wanted. I am happy to say that the program helped me a lot and helped me get the job which I wanted after being on the course for only a month.”

Ramesh, London

ramesh - career coach london client
Career Change Coaching Client

A clear vision for my new business!

“Lora coached me through the R.I.S.E programme during a time of real transition. As a business owner re-training to change career direction, I was crying out for Lora’s acuity. She was able to cut through the noise and pull out exactly the solutions I needed. Having a clear vision for my new business is a gift I wouldn’t have without her!”

Jo, London

Structure for my anxiety-ridden work life!

“Lora’s coaching quickly helped me bring structure and priority to my anxiety-ridden work life whilst I’m making the transition from one career path to another. Lora’s insightful and often carefully worded questions helped coax out and clarify important points regarding the realisation of the goals we discuss.”

Adam, London

Career Change Coaching Client
Career Change Coaching Client

Tackled the issues which were preventing me progressing towards my targets!

“I was thoroughly impressed with the effective coaching from Lora. The clarity and focus after the sessions made me confident I was on the right path to achieving my goals. Making you feel comfortable to express yourself is a great skill of Lora’s and allowed me to tackle my issues that were preventing me progressing towards my targets. I am completely grateful for the sessions I had with Lora.”

Dave, Dublin

Benefits visible after only a few sessions!

“Coaching showed me that step-by-step long term success can be achieved. Lora is a great coach and I can truly say that after only a few sessions with her you will start to see the benefits!”

Becca, Dublin

Career Change Coaching Client
Career Change Coaching Client

Achieve the goals I was trying to reach in just a few weeks!

“In just a few weeks Lora helped me achieve the goals I was trying to reach and improve how diligent I was towards reaching each milestone. I will definitely recommend her coaching wherever possible.”

Jack, London

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